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Imagine a world without Filipinos

1. The Obamas will have to settle for the second-best chef.

2. Business in HongKong, will stop. The female executives who work in offices will instead stay at home and attend to kids, wash clothes, wash the dishes, and attempt to cook and clean the house. Maybe learn how to iron clothes, too.

3. The ships plying the oceans will have messy cabins without the skilled Filipino crew. And the guests might have to settle for paper plates and plastic cups because there will be no one to wash the dishes, and clean the tables after meals.

4. Even the cargo ships will probably have only the captain aboard. No crew. 

5. The hotels and restaurants in Europe will have to settle for Indonesians and Sri Lankans to tidy up the rooms, clean tables, and wash the dishes. And the guests will probably have to communicate with the hotel staff by hand gestures. 

6. The bars and restaurants around the world will have Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian show bands attempting to sing.

7. Barrera, Morales, de La Joya, Hatton, and Cotto would still have flourishing careers in boxing. Mayweather will not at all feel threatened.

8. Yahoo Answers will not be as lively. Oh well, the Malaysians will probably try to liven it up.

9. The elderly all over the world will have to be attended to by their children who will have to quit working. Or they will rot in their sick beds.

10. The sick in the USA, Japan, and Canada will have to take care of themselves while waiting for the next round of visits from the physicians. They will have to administer IV drops on themselves, and make sure their BP, pulse rate, are all ok. And not forget to take their meds.

There will also be none of those former Filipinos who now live comfortably in other shores and take great satisfaction in bashing their mother country and their poor “former” countrymen. Like they were not born here with a pug nose.

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